a brief introduction

Our Work


DLCE Group Sdn Bhd was established in 2020 as a parent to a group of subsidiary companies with significant business in the industry.We are moving in a diverse capacity which range from product manufacturing, products supply and as well as providing specialist services.

As the lead of the subsidiary companies, DLCE Group Sdn Bhd operate as strategies consultant provider to aspiring entrepreneurs. Throughout our experiences, we have consulted entrepreneurs in ensuring their business plan progress moves accordingly along with their capacity.

When times were bad during the pandemic spread, DLCE Group had the courage to commence its strategies consultation to help the entrepreneurs sustaining their business. DLCE Group continues to aid the entrepreneurs strategically to overcome the endeavors post pandemic. We offer professional consultation and guide entrepreneurs to explore and identify their strong suit to be pursued. Among the types of consultation we have succeeded are project conduct, product marketing, business development and organization managements. DLCE Group is committed to enlightening our clients understanding by delivering transparent communication. We deliver commitment without compromising on quality.

We have a team of dedicated and professional staff we have developed over the years. The team work tirelessly to achieve excellent in their respective roles. To achieve our objectives and goals, we believe in the strength of our people as the nucleus and driving force of the company. We emphasize strongly on training and continuous development to prepare our employees to excel and play a significant role in the growth of the company. We work as a team to become an effective leader in business industry. We know that if our employees are excelling in their respective roles, then so is DLCE Group in consulting nature.

Being a consultant does not mean that DLCE Group is only profit driven. Throughout the years, we have lived up to our pledge of being a company with a human touch, by advocating the spirit of sharing and giving. We will continue to be a caring and socially responsible corporate organization, driven by a commitment to preserve the environment and contribute to the well being of society.

Our Vision

  • To mark our impact in strategies planning that match the industry development and adding another success stories along with the other aspiring local company.
  • Embrace our diversity towards the vast platform in business industry.
  • To develop and become of leading corporate consultant with diversity.

Our Mission

  • Our People
    We are committed to inspire and enrich the lives of people who work with us. We believe in building personal leadership, work safety and having fun along the way to success.
  • Our Partners
    We are called partners, because it’s not just a job, it’s our passion. We treat our partners with fairness and respect, and we hold each other to that standard.
  • Our Projects
    As a builder, we aspire to help define the future local industry that we operate in. We are passionate about developing diverse quality that are both strategically effective and significantly inspiring.

Why Us ?


Our organisation are
made of well
diverse strength
that leads
to our efficiency


Our commitment is
the direct proportion
to our effectiveness in
any endeavour


Our implementation
strategy aligns with
the client through
our dedicated proposal


Our goal is to
deliver with
quality assurance
to our client